Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not fully realizing my sin of going to confession

I would go to confession to him. Not fully realizing it, I
was like the proud souls about whom Saint John of the Cross
speaks in his book The Dark Night. "They are too embarrassed,"
he says, "to confess their sins openly, lest their confessors should
think less of them.... And sometimes they seek another confessor
to tell the wrongs that they have done, so that their confessor shall
think they have done nothing wrong at all. My beloved : the story of a Carmelite nun

Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Joseph Novena!

St. Joseph Novena

March.10th - 18th

Memorare to St. Joseph

Remember, O St. Joseph, loving and

powerful protector, that according to the

testimony of your faithful servant, Great

St. Teresa, no one who is truly devoted to

you has seen his petition rejected. Filled

with this confidence and hope, I come to you,

worthy spouse of Mary Immaculate. Do

not close your ears to my prayers, you

who have the glorious title of Father of

Jesus, but hear it and present it for me to

Him Who has vouchsafed to be called your son. Amen.

St. Joseph,

Patron of the Universal Church,

pray for us.